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Hydra 7 Series Water Dispensers

Complement the most stylish offices and enjoy the benefits of mains connected filtered drinking water cooler.

 Attaches directly to your water source

  • Stylish high gloss black and stainless look cabinet
  • Available in hot/cold or cool/cold
  • Available in black & White
  • Floor Standing and Benchtop models Available
  • Accommodates the Waterworks® PG range of filters or all industry standard filters
  • 3.3 litre stainless steel cold tank
  • Sleek easy push taps
  • Hot water safety tap
  • Access plate on side of SD19C

Great looking water cooler, great tasting water, cheaper than bottles.

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Tap 1 Outlet water 9°C approx.
Tap 2 Outlet water 18°C approx.
Hot Tap Outlet water 85°C approx.

Why choose a water dispenser from Hydra Health?

Quality Products

High quality, energy efficient water coolers suitable for all types of workplaces and commercial areas. Legal compliance with the standards set in the plumbing codes of Australia.

Maintenance & Service

At HydraHealth, we provide expert on-going maintenance by our local committed team with a guaranteed service schedule which is best in the industry.

Cost Effective

Cost effective water cooler option for all types of workplaces - Save up to 75% by switching to a bottle-less water cooler.


Stop lifting heavy bottles and cluttering your office with large water refill bottles. Enjoy the convenience of our mains connected water coolers.