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Hydra Health FAQ's

Here are the most common questions our clients ask. Please call us if you have any others we welcome feedback.

Q. we would like to have a mains connected filtered water cooler installed in an area that doesn’t have a water supply.

A. Please contact us for a free site inspection. If there is a water supply located close by there shouldn’t be a problem. There is always the option to choose our self fill coolers.

Q. How much does it cost to have a mains connected filtered water cooler installed?

A. Installation is free. You can choose to rent or buy your cooler and it comes with a guaranteed maintenance and service schedule which includes filter changes and cleaning and sanitisation of the unit.

Q. What happens if my cooler stops working properly between scheduled services?

A. No problem just call us. For urgent problems we should be there on the day. Otherwise we are normally there next day. We do not charge for these services.

Q. Can we order cups from you?

A. Yes we supply cups, just give us a call. Our service technicians also carry a supply.